JIJIA System

Enterprise Concept:

JIJIA System take the China as a center, take the Chinese enterprises as a core, take the Chinese nation as a centrality.
Middle of a whirlwind
Power of the lions
Wealth 101
《Mobile Internet——I am the middle of whirlwind
To explore the development trend of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries base on "internet plus" generation.
Three major themes:

■Themes one、The road of transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.
■Themes two、Product display /product marketing ■Themes three、Inheritance dinner

《Power of the lions》
JIJIA System like lions ——
The new journey of Jiajia System will open more and more high-quality investment projects and will bring more outstanding Chinese people together.Forming a force"1+1+1 greater than 111,Jiajia System like lions,it takes the China as a center,take the Chinese enterprises as a core, take the Chinese nation as a centrality.
《Wealth 101》
Uncover the secrets of wealth and let everyone to acquire wealth ——
Wealth 101 club is a wealth club created by the Jijia system, which aims to make some people become rich, let them become examples. Examples should be the greatest charity for people. Wealth 101 club make a team of "life common and wealth sharing" and then support others, leads more and more people achieve the riches of the soul and fortune freedom.


Anhui Rui Kang
The world's leading production base of pentosan. Minimalism and great health,make health like breathing.
Beijing Yong ren traditional Chinese medical hospital
Focus on difficult illness cases,wish to help hundred million people in good condition.
Shenzhen Infinite Future
Winning in the future—— whole brain development! Let the children become"high IQ,high EQ, high intelligence,high financial quotient, high adversity quotient"people in the future.
Fujian Fuding Eighteen Fifty Seven
Inheritance of traditional tea art.Lead the new development of the white tea.
Jiangsu Interesting Travel
Including whole tourism  projects in recreation industry. Lead the interesting tour.
Hangzhou He Miao
Devotes to the game development and opereation,let you play game whenever and wherever.
Shanxi Hou Ma Bai Nian
Let the global patients with hair loss have new hairs in three days.Beauty begins from hairs.
Dalian Guxun Biotechnology
Eighteen years sturgeon farming experience, one of the world's largest semi-wild sturgeon breeding company.
Shenzhen 520
It is our responsibility to provide the highest quality ingredients and strive to build a quality dining table for each family.
Shanxi Chi Sheng Chi Dao
Let more people use few money to cure the teeth,practice one day one yuan to protect oral health.
Beijing Yi Jian Lian
Focus on providing offline business + internet service for merchants. It is a commercial big data service
Zhejiang Future Movie Holding
Focus on high-end film technology, civilian film and television broadcasting agency.

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